Annual General Meeting

The general meeting of shareholders is Sweco’s highest decision-making body through which the shareholders exercise their influence over the company. Shareholders who are recorded in the share register on the record date and have notified the company by the specified date have the right to participate in a general meeting and to vote all of their shares. Decisions of the general meeting are normally passed by a simple majority of those present, although in some cases the Swedish Companies Act requires a certain level of attendance to achieve a quorum or a specific voting majority.

The Annual General Meeting must be held within six months after the end of the financial year, and is held in Stockholm. The responsibilities of the Annual General Meeting include adoption of the income statements and balance sheets of the Parent Company and the Group, approval of dividends, discharge from liability for the Board of Directors and President, determination of fees to the Board of Directors and auditors (as of the 2012 Annual General Meeting the auditor is elected yearly), decisions regarding the Nominating Committee and other items of business as required by the Swedish companies Act. At Sweco’s Annual General Meeting, each shareholder has the opportunity to ask questions about the company and its performance in the past year. Representatives from the Board, the Executive Management and the auditors are present to answer these questions.

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