AGM 2017

The Annual General Meeting was held at 3:00 PM CET on Thursday, 27 April 2017, at Näringslivets Hus, Storgatan 19, Stockholm, Sweden.

Press release with resolutions at Sweco AB’s Annual General Meeting and resolution on repurchase and transfer of treasury shares (pdf)

Minutes from the Annual General Meeting - Swedish and English (pdf)
Attachment - President & CEO's statement in Swedish (pdf

Press release with notice of Annual General Meeting (pdf)

Notice of Annual General Meeting in Sweco AB (publ) (pdf)

Documents for the 2017 Annual General Meeting

Sweco’s 2016 Annual Report (pdf)

Statement of the Board of Directors pursuant to Chapter 18 Section 4 and Chapter 19 Section 22 of the Swedish Companies Act, 2017 (pdf)

Statement on the Remuneration Committee's evaluation (pdf)

Item 12 Nominating Committee's opinion on proposal of board composition (pdf)

Item 12 Nominating Committee composition of the Board (pdf)

Item 14 Proposal: Instructions for Nominating Committee ahead of 2018 AGM (pdf)

Item 15 Board of Directors’ proposal: Resolution on principles for salary and other remuneration for senior executives (pdf)

Item 16 Proposal of the Board of Directors for a Share Bonus Scheme, 2017 (pdf)

Item 16 Appendix 1 – Recalculation of the base share price, 2017 (pdf)

Item 17 Authorisation for Board of Directors within the scope of the 2016 Share Bonus Scheme (pdf)

Item 18 Board of Directors’ proposal for 2017 Share Savings Scheme (pdf)

Item 19 Board of Directors’ proposal: Authorisation to resolve on transfer of treasury shares for 2015 Share Savings Scheme (pdf)

Auditor’s report on remuneration guidelines, Chapter 8 Section 54, Swedish Companies Act (pdf)

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