Information to the capital market

Sweco strives to provide shareholders, financial analysts, investors, the media and other interested parties with simultaneous, timely, clear and consistent information about the Group’s operations, financial position and development. Sweco’s corporate communication guidelines are integrated into the Company’s internal control environment, ensuring that Sweco meets the requirements imposed on listed companies.

Sweco regularly provides the market with financial information in the form of:

Interim and annual reports, published in Swedish and English.

Press releases in Swedish and English about news and events.

Teleconferences and presentations for shareholders, financial analysts, investors and the media in connection with the publication of interim and annual reports.

Capital Market Days.

Regular meetings with the media, investors and analysts in Sweden and around the world throughout the year.

Interim reports, annual reports and press releases published in printed form are simultaneously published on the corporate website, which also contains a large volume of other information that is updated on a regular basis.

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