Local presence, global expertise

Sweco´s decentralised business model is a critical key to success. By having a simple, client-focused way of working, Sweco has developed into a major international player while still maintaining local presence and expertise. Operations are conducted in eight business areas: Sweco Belgium, Sweco Denmark, Sweco Finland, Sweco Germany & Central Europe, Sweco Netherlands, Sweco Norway, Sweco Sweden and Sweco United Kingdom.


  • Åsa Bergman

    President and CEO

  • Karsten Gruber

    Acting President Sweco Germany and Central Europe

  • Markku Varis

    President Sweco Finland

  • Grete Aspelund

    President Sweco Norway

  • Eugene Grüter

    President Sweco Netherlands

  • Max Joy

    President Sweco UK

  • Erwin Malcorps

    President Sweco Belgium

  • Ann-Louise Lökholm Klasson

    President Sweco Sweden

  • Olof Stålnacke

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Dariush Rezai

    President Sweco Denmark

  • Katarina Grönwall

    Chief Communication Officer

  • Helene Hasselskog

    Chief HR Officer

  • Lisa Lagerwall

    Legal Counsel

  • Martin Aronsson

    Chief Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions Officer

Board of directors

  • Johan

    Born in 1966. Board Chairman. Member of the Board since 2012. Directorships include: Skirner AB and Hemfrid i Sverige AB.

    Education: Architect, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH). Experience: President of Skirner AB. Holdings in Sweco: 605,000 directly held shares and 15,041,083 shares held through Skirner Förvaltning AB, which is owned by the Nordström family.
  • Gunnel

    Born in 1955. Member of the Board since 2008. Chairman of: Team Olivia Group AB, Global Scanning Holding A/S, HiQ International AB and the Ruter Dam Foundation.

    Directorships include: Dustin Group AB and PostNord AB. Education: Systems Scientist, Umeå University. Experience: former President of EDS Northern Europe. Holdings in Sweco: 4,000 shares.
  • Elaine
    Weidman Grunewald

    Born in 1967. Swedish and American citizen. Member of the Board since 2017.

    Education: M.A., Resource and Environmental Management, M.A., International Relations, Boston University Graduate School. B.A, Communications and Debate, Suffolk University. Experience: Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability and Public Affairs Officer Ericsson AB. Holdings in Sweco: 1,000 shares.
  • Johan

    Born in 1968. Member of the Board since 2015. Board member of: Nederman Holding AB and Swegon Group AB.

    Education: Master of Business Administration, Lund University. Experience: Former President of AB Fagerhult and Lammhults Design Group and earlier leading positions within product development and marketing at Electrolux Group. Directly held shares in Sweco: 30,000 shares.
  • Christine

    Born in 1960. Member of the Board since 2016. Board member of: Hochtief AG, Berliner Wasserbetriebe A.ö.R and KSBG GmbH.

    Education: M.Sc.Geology and MBA, HSBA Hamburg. Experience: former Senior Vice President and Managing Director Europe & Middle East URS Corporation and board member of Grontmij N.V. Held shares in Sweco: 1,000 shares.
  • Åsa

    Born in 1967. Member of the Board since 2018. President and CEO since 2018. Directorships include: Persson Invest AB and Almega Tjänsteförbunden.

    Education: Degree Programme in Civil Engineering, KTH. Experience: CEO of Sweco Management and Sweco Sverige. Holdings in Sweco: 40,886 shares.
  • Alf

    Born in 1957. Member of the board since 2018. Further member of: Chairman of the Board in Loomis AB and Board Member in Hexpol AB and Axel Johnson Inc.

    Education: International BSc in Economics and Business Administration from the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Experience: Among previous positions can be mentioned CEO and member of the Board of Directors of Securitas AB, CEO of NCC AB, CEO of Svedala Industri AB. Holdings in Sweco: 1000 shares.

Employee representatives

  • Görgen

    Born 1964. Employee representative since 2011. Education/experience: Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, Luleå University of Technology.

    Employed by Sweco since 2008. Holdings in Sweco: 4,308 shares.
  • Anna

    Born in 1971. Employee representative since 2005. Education/experience: Architect SAR/MSA, Master Degree in Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University.

    Employed by Sweco since 1997. Holdings in Sweco: 601 shares.
  • Maria

    Born in 1974. Employee representative since 2015. Education/experience: Engineer.

    Employed by Sweco since 1999. Holdings in Sweco: 1,925 shares.

Deputy members

  • Charlotte

    Born in 1973. Employee representative since 2019. Directly held shares in Sweco: 1531 shares (Sweco B).

  • Peter

    Born in 1959. Employee representative since 2017. Directly held shares in Sweco: 1,497 shares.


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Responsible auditor: Michael Bengtsson
Authorised Public Accountant

Data above are from the annual report 2019. Information about directors' holdings in Sweco and other positions of trust are updated annually and published in Sweco's annual report.