Thesis project, internship, trainee and summer jobs

We value and make use of the fresh knowledge that you, as a new graduate, can contribute. Together with your colleagues, you will take on exciting challenges that await in our many assignments. At Sweco you will have the opportunity to work in multifaceted projects, a variety of working groups and a wide network. You will be given responsibility for your own assignments and scope to take the initiative. And, not least, to build your future career.

Thesis projects and internships

Sweco is a decentralised workplace and most thesis projects and internships arise in dialogue between students and individual managers. A thesis project or internship is an excellent opportunity for you to experience first hand what it’s like to work at Sweco – and an excellent chance for us to get to know you. Our multifaceted operations provide opportunities to tailor your thesis project together with one of our managers or experts. It’s a good idea to have decided on a theme for your thesis project before contacting us. Our reception can guide you if you know which discipline and location you want to work in.

You can also check vacant positions to see if there are any listings about thesis projects or internships.

Summer jobs

A summer job is an excellent way to get acquainted with Sweco. Certain parts of Sweco offer summer jobs or extra jobs of different types. There is no common deadline for applying for our summer jobs, but we prefer that you apply in good time during the spring term. Our reception can guide you if you know which discipline and location you want to work in. 

There are sometimes summer jobs listed among our vacant positions. 

Trainee programme paused 2020/2021

Our trainee programme extends for nine months and includes sustainable development, project management, entrepreneurship, presentation technique and team building. In addition, alongside you training, you will work in real life consulting assignments where you will take part in developing sustainable and value-creating solutions for clients and society. Read more about Sweco’s trainee programme.

Vacant positions

We need curious and responsible individuals who share our commitment to contributing to the development of a more sustainable society. Sweco offers challenging and qualified positions and internships of different types. Check vacant positions to see which positions we are seeking at the moment.