New treatment plant will lead to better health for Bolivia’s citizens

New treatment plant will lead to better health for Bolivia’s citizens

3 December 2018

Sweco has been engaged to design a wastewater treatment plant in the city of La Paz in Bolivia. Currently, La Paz lacks wastewater treatment entirely and the new plant will treat wastewater from approximately one million citizens, resulting in better health and living standards.


The city of La Paz is situated in the Andes mountain range and is one of the world's highest cities at approximately 3 600 metres above sea level. The cold climate and mountainous landscape is reminiscent of Sweden and so particular solutions are required for the treatment plant.

"Wastewater treatment that works well, is the foundation of a healthy and sustainable society, and I am happy that we can contribute to the improvement of living standards for so many people in Bolivia. As the climate is very similar to that in Sweden, we shall be able to use several of the solutions we use here at home. Lack of water is a fact of life for farmers in the areas surrounding the city of La Paz, so reusing treated wastewater will be a high priority for the new wastewater treatment plant, " advises Anna Yman, managing director of Sweco's water and environmental consultants in Sweden.

Sweco's water and environmental consultants are contributing with studies, site investigations, sampling, preliminary design and procurement documentation. Sweco's assignment to design the new wastewater treatment lasts 12 months.

For additional information please contact:

Anna Yman, Managing Director of Sweco’s water and environmental consultants in Sweden
tel: +46 8 695 6305,

Jakob Fries, Director of International Operations, water and environment
tel: +46 070 609 6428,

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