Half of the world’s population lives in cities. Sweco’s architects are equally experts at designing an entirely new Asian city and a small-town school. Whatever project, the focus is on creating ideal environments for people to live, work and thrive in the cities of tomorrow. By combining recognized expertise with a broad range of operations, Sweco’s architects offer a unique and comprehensive view in designing the buildings and landscape of the future.

  • Accessibility
  • Architectural practice in China
  • BIM
  • Building Architecture
  • Cultural Environment
  • Dialogue Processes
  • Interior Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Lighting Design
  • Urban Planning
  • Visualisation


Sweco proactively works to help create a socially sustainable society in which everyone, regardless of their physical ability, should have the same opportunity for involvement.

There are currently about one million people in Sweden with physical disabilities. Through the use of effective methods and tools, Sweco’s experts can plan physical environments that are more accessible for everyone. We possess a wide range of expertise and work with accessibility in buildings, outdoor environments, urban development, and in infrastructure and public transportation.

We have professionals who are certified experts in accessibly and who possess an intricate understanding of pedestrian assistance paths and spaces. We have developed an effective digital inventory method that allows our clients to conveniently visualise easily avoided outdoor obstacles. Accessibility expertise is in growing demand and we also offer customised training courses in the area. As an example, we train individuals who want to be authorised under the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s TIL 2 programme: certification of experts in accessibility 


  • Monika
    Certified Expert in Accessibility, Architecture, Stockholm
    Fraq rznvy
  • Niklas
    Certified Expert in Accessibility, Project Management, Norrköping
    Fraq rznvy
  • Nina
    Certified Expert in Accessibility, Architecture, Västerås
    Fraq rznvy
  • Nina
    Certified Expert in Accessibility, Architecture, Örebro
    Fraq rznvy
  • Maria
    Certified Expert in Accessibility, Architecture, Stockholm
    Fraq rznvy
  • Sofia
    Certified Expert in Accessibility, Architecture, Malmö
    Fraq rznvy

  • Jan
    Managing director, Architecture
    Fraq rznvy
  • Daan
    Business Development Director, Architecture
    Fraq rznvy
  • Anders
    Chief Digital Officer, Architecture
    Fraq rznvy
  • Christer
    Regional manager, Overseas Operations, Architecture
    Fraq rznvy
  • Margareta
    Regional Manager, Architecture, Stockholm Building Architecture
    Fraq rznvy
  • Maria
    Regional Manager, Architecture, Stockholm, Urban Planning
    +46 705536354
    Fraq rznvy
  • Lisa
    Regional Manager, Architecture, Central
    Fraq rznvy
  • Åke
    Regional manager, Architecture, West
    Fraq rznvy
  • Anders
    Regional manager, Architecture, Öresund
    Fraq rznvy
  • Mats
    Regional manager, Architecture, North
    Fraq rznvy

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