Half of the world’s population lives in cities. Sweco’s architects are equally experts at designing an entirely new Asian city and a small-town school. Whatever project, the focus is on creating ideal environments for people to live, work and thrive in the cities of tomorrow. By combining recognized expertise with a broad range of operations, Sweco’s architects offer a unique and comprehensive view in designing the buildings and landscape of the future.

  • Accessibility
  • Architectural practice in China
  • BIM
  • Building Architecture
  • Cultural Environment
  • Dialogue Processes
  • Interior Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Lighting Design
  • Urban Planning
  • Visualisation

Landscape Architecture

Outdoor environments are becoming increasingly important in the society of the future to enhance people’s wellbeing and quality of life. We use people, spaces and the fabric of the city as our touchstones. Public spaces and the content therein create the basis for meeting places and influence how people move about and the manner in which they do so.

We incorporate ecosystem services as a natural element of our assignments in order to harness the functions that enhance people’s wellbeing and quality of life. We leverage our collective expertise in lighting design, architecture, cultural environments, infrastructure and the environment.

Each project is unique. Curiosity and an understanding of the space and its existing qualities are required, as are a structural approach and a universal perspective. Sweco’s landscape architects are involved throughout the chain from early sketches to detailed designs of everything from parks, streets and plazas, to entire city districts and infrastructure facilities, as well as landscape and impact analyses. 


  • Daan
    Acting Managing director, Architecture
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    Chief Digital Officer, Architecture
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    Regional manager, Overseas Operations, Architecture
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    Regional Manager, Architecture, Stockholm
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    Regional manager, Architecture, West
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