Textile Fashion Center Borås

The Textile Fashion Center project included reconstructing and building additions to a former textile factory and industrial area. Sweco has been involved in all of the phases of the project under a partnership with the architecture firm DTH Arkitekter.


Assignment: Textile Fashion Center 

Location: Borås 

Client: Kanico 

Period of assignment: 2010-2013 

Responsible Architect: Peter Janson 

Responsible Landscape Architect: Thorbjörn Andersson 


The assignment, which encompasses 40,000 square metres of floor space, houses a textile academy, training programmes for interior architects, upper secondary school programmes, a textile museum and a number of incubator companies. For the campus area’s exterior environments, the goal was to create an atmosphere that was conducive to spontaneous interaction. The grounds along the main building are designed like a granite carpet. It was inspired by the Jacquard method of weaving and the idea is for it to resemble a fashion runway.

The Textile Fashion Center was nominated for 2014 Construction of the Year award.

Photo: Åke E:son Lindman

Textile Fashion Center i Borås

Textile Fashion Center i Borås

Textile Fashion Center i Borås

Textile Fashon Center i Borås