Himmelbyn Copenhagen

On behalf of NREP, Sweco’s architects are designing “Himmelbyn” (Heavenly Village) in Copenhagen. The building is notable for its stacking of functions on top of each other, and is a new commercial and housing development in Copenhagen.


Assignment: Himmelbyn 

Location: Ørestad Syd, Copenhagen

Area of operation: Architecture

Year: 2016-2018

Client: NREP

Size: 26 600 kvm

Responsible architect: Andreas Olrik


With its distinctive volume, Himmelbyn, designed by architects at Sweco, will be a new part of the city's Ørestad Syd area and will meet the residents' needs for commercial services and housing. The building will offer multiple functions, such as shops, leisure activities and residential units of varying size.

The project owes its name to the entrance, which has been placed 18 metres above ground. This means that the residential units have a good view over the area and favourable access to daylight. The residential section also includes an open green space between the structures.

In spite of the building's volume, the architects have striven to maintain a human scale. The placement of exterior stairways breaks the building down into smaller proportions. The stairs lead to an outdoor space that is open to the public.

The project has been carried out by Årstiderne Arkitekter, which is part of Sweco after being acquired at the beginning of 2018.