Tunafors Factory Eskilstuna

Today the old silverware factory in Eskilstuna contains a modern housing development designed by architects at Sweco. The area has a high cultural and historical value, which has inspired the tone of the residential units. New additions have been given a modern expression to clearly highlight which details are old and new.


Assignment: Tunafors fabriker

Client: Peab

Completed in: 2009-2016

Disciplines: Urban planning, Architecture, Civil Engineering

Responsible Architect: Mats Andreasson.


Along the Eskilstuna River lies one of Eskilstuna's most valuable industrial environments, the former silverware factory in Tunafors. Since 2016 the buildings contain residential units consisting of 70 condominiums. According to the earlier zoning plan the property could only house industrial operations, but since there was no need for additional industries in the city and architects at Sweco presented a proposal showing housing in the vacant property, the zoning plan was changed. As a result, Sweco was assigned the task of designing the area.

The assignment has involved transforming the area into an attractive residential development while preserving the property's cultural and historical values. Since the buildings are culturally listed and the facades are very extensively protected, the architects chose to give the new additions, such as balconies and awnings, a modern expression. In this way it is possible to see which details are new and which are part of the old structure.

The area's landmark volumes are the large factory building and the stamping press, and the old passage that runs between two of the buildings has been transformed into glazed balconies. The large chimney has also been preserved and provides a historical connection to the site.

Aside from documentation for the zoning plan and architectural design of the area, Sweco's civil engineering consultants have been responsible for measurements for as built documentation.

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