The Filborna power plant was commissioned in 2013 and annually produces electricity and heating for 20,000 single-family homes in the region. During peak season, 50 waste-collections vehicles empty their refuse in the plant’s fuel bunker on a daily basis.


Assignment: Filborna Power Plant

Location: Heslingborg

Client: Öresundkraft AB and NSR


Project size: 20 000 sqm

Completed: 2013

Responsible architect: Per Kinn with Staffan Tjärnström, Harald Schrott, Emma Persson

Area of operation: Architecture, combined heating and power (CHP), district heating, electricity and automation, geotechnical engineering


The new CHP plant allows combustible residual waste to be managed locally. With the new plant in commission, household waste in the Helsingborg region, in southwestern Sweden, will be converted into heating and electricity, in addition to which environmentally hazardous substances will be handled and incinerated.

The Filborna power plant is the highest point in the city. The design is based on the site, the technical process, the logistics of the waste facility and the site’s topography. The design gives the building its powerful and distinct character, while the magnitude of the structure merges with the surrounding landscape.

Filborna kraftverk interiör

Filborna kraftverk

Filborna kraftverk