Pedestrian passageway at Gamlestadens Fabriker Gothenburg

In Gamlestaden, Gothenburg, an urban development project is now under way to create a new urban community and a travel centre. Since 2012 Sweco has been responsible for planning a large share of the new area’s streets, light rail lines and public spaces. The pedestrian passageway at Gamlestadens Fabriker is the first public space to be completed.


Assignment: Pedestrian passageway at Gamlestadens Fabriker

Location: Gothenburg

Year: 2012-2016

Client: City of Gothenburg, and Trafikkontoret (Traffic & Public Transport Authority)

Area of operation: Landscape Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Water and Wastewater, Structural engineering

Assignment Manager: Magnus Olsson

Landscape Architect: Urban Rickardsson


The area Gamlestaden in Gothenburg is undergoing a transformation, where previously sparsely utilised spaces between the streets containing individual low buildings are in the process of becoming a new grid-structured urban community with a local and regional travel centre. One of the first public spaces to be completed, in December 2016, is the pedestrian passageway at Gamlestadens Fabriker. The passageway, which passes under the railway and light rail lines, creates scope for new pedestrian and bicycle paths in the area and will form a direct link between regional trains and the future strategic node Gamlestadens Fabriker.

To create a place that is attractive and secure at all times of day, the focus has been on good visibility, lighting and ramps. The seating arrangements found on the site have been designed and planned specifically for this location. At the pointed end, the triangular furnishings consist of an accessibility adapted armchair and the rest of the triangle is covered in wood to accommodate many different sitting positions.

In order to give the trees and vegetation adequate soil depth in the site's concrete construction, Sweco has developed a special solution using in situ cast walls that are shaped like recessed flower boxes.

Sweco's landscape architects have been responsible for planning and design of stairways, plantings, surface coverings, seating and design coordination, among other things for lighting and civil engineering. Sjögren Arkitekter has designed the elevators and the natural stone covering on the wall and stairs to the railway platform together with structural engineers at Sweco.