The park at Malmö Live Malmö

On behalf of the City of Malmö, Sweco’s landscape architects have designed the park connected to the Malmö Live hotel, concert and conference centre. The vision has been to create a public living room and meeting place for the city’s residents and visitors.


Assignment: Outdoor environment at Malmö Live

Location: Malmö

Client: City of Malmö 

Year: 2012-2014

Area of operation: Landscape architecture, construction and och ground installation

Responsible landscape architect: Lisa Torpel and Maria Arborgh


In close collaboration with SLA and the City of Malmö, Sweco has designed the outdoor environment surrounding Malmö Live. One of the city's prime sites has been transformed into a green oasis for the public. Since the site is exposed to a large number of visitors, the aim has been to create a robust environment that endures over time but also makes a welcoming impression.

The vision has been to create a public living room and meeting place for the city's residents and visitors to Malmö. A mix of plazas and park areas creates a feeling of a greenery in an urban context. The idea is for visitors to the site to experience some parts as a stroll in the forest while other parts have been left open for the benefit of sunbathers. The wide range of plants also creates the right conditions for a biodiverse environment in the city centre.

For the adjacent Malmö Live hotel, concert and conference centre, Sweco's structural engineers have been responsible for preparation of system documents for the entire framework as well as construction documents for the concert hall section.

The walking path is decorated with the engraved artistic ornamentation "Minnenas hav" (Ocean of Memories), designed by artist Karolina Erlingsson.

Photo: Linnea Svensson Arbab