Sandgrundsparken is almost exclusively about experiencing the water. The park is located on the fluvial sand deposit where the Klarälven River forks for the first time. The further out on the promontory you go, the more intense is the feeling of being completely surrounded by water. The park was awarded the Sienna Prize 2010.


Project name: Sandgrundsparken

Disciplines: Landscape Architecture




Location: Karlstad

Responsible landscape architect: Thorbjörn Andersson

Client: Municipality of Karlstad

Size: 30,000 sq.m.


In the new park, an undulating, sculpted landscape unfolds, overgrown with tens of thousands of plants that bloom in successive waves among groves of trees and bushes. The landscape varies in character across ridges and valleys, with low seating ledges built into the grass for picnics along certain slopes. The spectacular lighting reflects off the water in the evening, and the ground lighting contributes to security. In the vision, a pedestrian bridge extends from the Sandgrund promontory across the left fork of the river.

There is a gradual change as the promontory narrows. The feeling culminates in a place that is a sharp point, upraised and without railings, like the prow of a boat. It is the end of the world Karlstad, a magnificent place, both to be in and to see from a distance.

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