Strömkajen, Stockholm – remodelling of quay and street

Strömkajen is a central location and a vital artery in Stockholm for both residents and tourists. The quay has now been modernised and transformed into a wide and inviting walking path, where pedestrian traffic has been prioritized by reducing the amount of space for road traffic.


Project name: Strömkajen

Location: Stockholm

Disciplines: Landscape architechture

Responsible landscape architect: Christina Sellberg

Client: Stockholms Hamnar AB. The project is a collaborative effort between Trafikkontoret and the City of Stockholm

Assignment period: 2004-2013

Other: Strömkajen has been nominated for Architect Sweden’s Siena Prize 2016.


Strömkajen, with its central location, is one of the city’s most frequently visited places and was built in the mid-1800s. The site functions as a terminal for travellers to and from the archipelago, a meeting place and a popular destination for walking. Heavy usage of the quay has caused it to become run down and sometimes also messy, and the area has long suffered from a lack of cohesive functional design.

One of the key design goals was to create a distinctive, cohesive and inviting place with spacious, well defined and accessible walking paths and generous seating arrangements. To promote this and realise the vision, one key condition was the City of Stockholm’s decision to reduce the area devoted to road traffic and provide more space for pedestrians.

The quay area has been expanded for the benefit of pedestrians and boat travellers, and has been designed to accommodate different pathways, furnishings and harbour activities. The ground surface is covered with natural stone and includes distinct, generous and accessible paths of large granite pavers and certain surfaces that have been marked out with paving of darker granite. Along the paths they have chosen to place uniform furnishings in the form of long sofas. The above ground technical equipment has been gathered in wood-panelled benches and can thus also function as seating.

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