Ericsson Globe Premium Lounge Stockholm

Before Sweden’s hosting of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) with Ericsson Globe as the arena, a modernisation of the venue was needed, including creation of the new Ericsson Globe Premium Lounge. The landlord SGA Fastigheter chose Sweco for the assignment.


Assignment: Ericsson Globe Premium Lounge

Location: Stockholm

Completed in: December 2015 – May 2016

Client: SGA Fastigheter

Disciplines: Architecture, Lighting Design, Building Service Systems

Responsible Architect: Ari Halinoja

Team: Cecilia Söderström, Tae Kim Yeob, Kenneth Wrigfeldt, Jouni Kosonen, Sven-Åke Larsson, Henrik Berglund, Lisa Forell


On behalf of SGA Fastigheter, architects and lighting designers at Sweco have designed Ericsson Globe's new premium lounge. The idea behind the Premium Lounge was to create a place where business contacts, specially invited guests and royalty could rub elbows, and the client had high demands on the design of the facilities. When the Eurovision Song Contest decided to give the event to Ericsson Globe, there was little time left for both planning and construction in order to complete the lounge on time. Thanks to close collaboration between the client, Sweco's architects, lighting designers and structural engineers, the tight schedule was possible.

The vision was to create something new, exciting and different from the customary lounges and lobbies, which resulted in a number of special solutions. To gain a good understanding for how these solutions would work, models were developed and tested on a full scale and lighting tests were carried out to ensure high quality and good results. The keywords they worked with during the process were warmth, light, darkness, space, stars and cinematic elements.

Photo: Sten Jansin