Pedestrian Tunnel Nykvarn

In partnership with the Swedish Transport Administration and Nykvarn’s municipality outside Stockholm, Sweco is working to improve accessibility at Nykvarn’s station.


Assignment: Pedestrian Tunnel at Nykvarn's station

Location: Nykvarn 

Client: Trafikverket

Complete: 2013 

Responsible Lighting Designer: Anna Waernborg and Joakim Rydén

Responsible Landscape Architect: Peter Ekroth and Ingela Holm 


Sweco has designed a pedestrian tunnel under the station, with the corresponding stairs and lifts. Several engineering fields co-operated to achieve a solid unified product.

In order to make the pedestrian tunnel feel safe and warm, the walls were painted using a warm colour palette. Sheets featuring a perforated design have been mounted along the walls and the primary lighting source is concealed behind these sheets to enhance the pattern and give off a dimmed, indirect light. The light creates a distinct spatiality, and is complemented by LED strips with lighting directed downward. In the middle of the tunnel, there is also a space for daylight to come shine in, which is enhanced by the use of extra lighting. 

Foto: ErnstHenry