Utvärdshuset Falun

On behalf of Landstingsfastigheter Dalarna (the County Property Administration in Dalarna), Sweco’s architects have transformed an old inn from the 1700s into modern offices. The vision has been to preserve as much as possible of the building’s original exterior character.


Assignment: Utvärdshuset

Location: Falun

Client: Landstingsfastigheter Dalarna

Completed in: 2016

Responsible architects: Ann-Birgitt Andersson and Hans Pettersson together with Johan Udden, Ylva af Kleen, Klas Wrange and Rob Kirkham.

Disciplines: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Ventilation, HVAC and Sanitation

The property has been known since the late 1700s and has since then served as an inn, a school for girls and a theatre. Since 2013, architects at Sweco have been responsible for refurbishment and renovation of the building, which today consists of modern offices for Landstingsfastigheter.

The goal has been to preserve the building's exterior character, based on the preliminary antiquarian study that was carried out. The building has been given wooden windows characteristic of the period, plaster in the original colour and a new tiled roof. Aside from modernisation of the existing structure, they have also added an extension that has been designed with a contemporary use of glass. The idea is that it should be easy to read in the architecture what is new and what is old.

In the interior Sweco have strived to restore the building to the late 1800s in the original parts, at the same time that the new details have been given a modern expression. For example, the workstations are functional and adapted to meet today's demands on office environments.

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