Götgatan – Trying something new Stockholm

More generous walkways that yield more space for outdoor seating and social spaces formed the basis of the vision to make Götgatan more appealing as a restaurant boulevard and commercial avenue. Using simple methods like painting road lines, using matching furniture and changing movement patterns, Sweco’s architects have created more space for Götgatan’s bicyclists and pedestrians.


Assignment: Götgatan - Trying something new 

Location: Stockholm


Client: Trafikkontoret, City of Stockholm

Complete: 2014

Responsible Architect: Staffan Sundström


In 2013, the city of Stockholm decided to try something new on Götgatan with the aim of improving conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists, in line with the strategies that are outlined in the city’s new comprehensive plan “The city by foot”.  Sweco’s proposal, entitled “Trying something new”, entailed the removal of one traffic lane in either direction, broadening, straightening and moving bicycle paths into the street, and broadening the walkways.  

Visualisering av Götgatan med breddade cykelbanor

Nya sittmöbler till Götgatan

Götgatan - försöket

Nya orangea sittmöbler på Götgatan

Skiss över Götgatan

Utvidgat cykelfält på Götgatan