Nyköping Travel Centre Nyköping

Nyköping is an expanding city that is part of the labour market region and its surrounding areas. There is a growing need for a travel centre connected to the East Link rail line and sustainable travel options, and the Municipality of Nyköping has given Sweco responsibility for designing and planning the travel centre as part of the city’s urban development.


Assignment: Nyköpings resecentrum

Year: 2015–2018

Client: Nyköping kommun


Area of operation: Architecture, urban planning, analasis, water and environment

Responsible architect: Mathias Ahlgren, PeGe Hillinge, Cecilia Rossing


As Nyköping plans its travel centre, the ambition extends much further than simply to erect a building and a hub for transport links. The assignment is an urban development project that combines appealing public space with an efficient and secure environment for moving between transport modes. The project is aimed at forging the design and functionality of a modern travel centre that encourages people to choose public transport and serves as an attractive place to spend time.

The assignment touches on a range of considerations such as mobility, attractiveness, the cultural environment, ecosystem services, traffic, street design, architecture and public space, where Sweco's comprehensive expertise has been crucial for the capacity to define key issues and solutions. The starting point has centred on how to look at the project, from transport hub to urban development, and ensure that the centre contributes added value to the city. Sweco has worked for several years with various studies in preparation for this stage and has among other things been responsible for siting studies in connection with the detailed master plan.

The creation of Nyköping's travel centre affects many people and to promote greater participation, transparency and synergies, Sweco has held several workshops with a diverse reference group, and has taken part in communication with the public through photos/illustrations, blueprints and public dialogue processes. The workshops have generated knowledge about different needs and preferences which have then formed the basis for building consensus around the solutions and design proposals.

The proposal's design concept is rooted in the travel centre's most vital function, to bring together people, transportation and mobility in the city and the region. The new buildings will be characterised by genuine materials such as wood, brick and natural stone that are hard-wearing and long-lasting. The project provides scope for efficient mobility with regional, national and international interconnections through the East Link rail line, Stockholm Skavsta Airport and the Stockholm-/Mälardalen region.

The results are a zoning plan with the related studies, environmental impact statements, functional programming and aesthetic design programs in preparation for the implementation stages. In the spring of 2018 the zoning plan has been circulated for comment and during the spring the Municipality of Nyköping will hold an ongoing dialogue with the public in which Sweco will be taking part.

The assignment on behalf of the Municipality of Nyköping is a collaborative effort in cooperation with the Swedish Transport Administration and other players.