Building service systems

It’s easy to take a good indoor environment for granted – but, on the other hand, it’s quite noticeable when things aren’t working. Sweco’s building service systems consultants ensure that buildings have the right temperature, proper lighting and good ventilation. We are also experts in solutions that maximise buildings’ energy efficiency.


  • HVAC and sanitation
  • Fire engineering and risk analysis
  • BIM
  • Electrical systems
  • Physical protection
  • Environment and energy dynamics in buildings
  • Telecom systems
  • Lighting Design
  • Monitoring and inspection of buildings

Telecom systems

Sweco’s building service systems consultants create added-value for our customers by offering both a universal perspective and detailed knowledge. Our experts possess a full range of expertise in all of the building service systems that relate to telecom/data and security systems.

We offer extensive experience and a wide range of knowledge and solve our customers’ needs from feasibility studies and design, to oversight and inspections. We have experience of every type of facility, from prominent cultural heritage buildings to ultramodern facilities. Security systems are often virtually imperative for both the preservation of a building and from a security perspective. 



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    Regional manager, South
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    Regional manager, East
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  • Christian
    Chief Officer Fire Engineering and Risk Analysis
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    Regional Manager, Central
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