A transition to sustainable energy systems is underway across the globe. Sweco’s energy experts work across the entire energy supply chain. Focus is on how energy is produced, distributed where it’s needed, and consumed as efficiently as possible. The result is a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable energy supply.


  • Renewable fuels
  • Combined heating and power (CHP)
  • Dams
  • Due Diligence
  • District heating and cooling
  • Electrical power
  • Electricity distribution
  • Energy efficiency enhancement
  • Energy market and strategy
  • Energy storage
  • Hydropower
  • Power transmission
  • Solar energy
  • Wind power

Energy market and strategy

The transition to an energy sector that generates less carbon emissions entails major changes for the energy market. Vast investments are required and Sweco provides advisory services to energy companies, energy customers, investors, authorities and international organisations.

The energy market is at a crossroads between economics, politics and technology. Navigating this requires knowledge of the details and an ability to weave multiple components into a whole unit. Over time, Sweco has amassed a wide range of expertise of electricity, fuels and district heating in terms of analysis and developing national and international energy strategies. We continuously monitor the electricity market and political developments related to energy and climate matters.

Our experts help clients develop scenarios, pricing forecasts and market reports. When analysing the market, we use our European energy market model, Apollo, which is also available for licencing. We also provide advisory services for clients regarding the management of energy contracts and during energy procurement processes. As data becomes increasingly available, we have gained experience of using major data volumes and converting them into business opportunities and value creation for energy companies.

Many regions, cities and companies throughout the world also want to promote themselves as environmental role models. EU directives and national legislation have also created a need for support in meeting these expectations. We are there for our clients during these development efforts and help them adapt their business models and strategies.



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    Regional Manager Power Lines
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    Regional manager Power Generation & Dams
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    Regional Manager Project Export
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    Regional Manager Power Distribution
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