It for urban development

Advanced IT solutions play an increasingly important role in the development of tomorrow’s cities and communities. Sweco’s IT experts use the data flow generated by a city to streamline everything from transportation and energy consumption to lighting and water flows. Using IT, existing buildings and infrastructure can be utilised in a more optimal way.


  • 3D
  • BIM
  • FME
  • GIS
  • Information and data co-ordination
  • Systems development
  • Portal solutions


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are used to gather, process and explore geographic information, enabling us to analyse and structure huge amounts of data in a clear way. New benefits often emerge when a geographic dimension is added to existing information. Data presented in map format is a powerful way to discover new connections in your business. GIS is unrivalled from a visualisation perspective and can be customised in many ways.

Over the years we have worked with our customers to develop various forms of digital mapping solutions that help people orientate themselves, and we also develop different types of navigation and positioning systems.

Sweco has extensive experience with GIS. We are supplier independent, so we have the market’s full range of tools and solutions at our disposal. We are also happy to manage the operation and maintenance of GIS solutions. Together with our customers, we develop a reliable and accessible environment that reduces operation and administration costs.



  • Christina
    Skogster Stange
    Division Manager, it for urban development
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  • Fredrik
    Managing Director, IT for urban development
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  • Andreas
    Regional manager, IT for urban development, Stockholm
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  • Sofia
    Regional manager, IT for urban development, Southeast
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  • Catrine
    Öst Forssblad
    Regional manager, IT for urban development, West
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  • Jörgen
    Regional manager, it for urban development, north
    +46 730524952
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