Airdome at Nordichallen arena

Although hot air balloons are normally assembled on the ground, at the Nordichallen arena in Sundsvall, a nine-metre-high airdome, Europe’s largest in terms of its surface area, has been installed on the roof to protect the venue from the heavy snow that otherwise accumulates there.


Assignment: Resolving the issue of snow load on the roof of the Nordichallen arena

Location: Sundsvall

Expertise: Project management, planning and design management, construction management, climate change adaptation, monitoring and inspection of buildings, building service system consultation.

Customer: Drakfastigheter


The shape of the balloon causes the snow to slide off the fabric, but there are also snow sensors on the roof controlling when the heat should be switched on and when the pressure in the airdome should be increased. When the snow closest to the fabric melts, there is so little friction that the snow slides off. The heat used is the surplus heat generated by the new cooling plant used to make the ice for the skating, hockey, curling and bandy rinks. In the event that this heat would be insufficient precisely when it is snowing, the system is also linked to the facility’s district heating connection. The operating costs for the fans are minimized since the air does not need to be replaced, and heated air is only pumped in when needed during heavy snowfall.

With the new solution, Drakfastigheter is estimated to save several million SEK, partly by eliminating manual snow removal and partly by avoiding having to reinforce the structure to withstand appropriate snow loads.

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