Accessibility study carried out in Helsinki’s bicycle network

On behalf of the City of Helsinki, a study has carried out on accessibility and mobility for bicyclists. The aim of the study was to pinpoint and categorize different types of accessibility and safety problems experienced by cyclists in Helsinki. The results of the study will enable the city to set the right priorities when planning improvements in Helsinki’s bicycle network.


Assignment: Accessibility study carried out in Helsinki’s bicycle network

Client: City of Helsinki

Area of expertise: Traffic planning

Project manager: Oskar Malmberg

Complete: 2014


The method used in the study was developed by Sweco, and was used for the first time by Sweco in 2009 in an accessibility study for the City of Stockholm. In 2013 a follow-up study was carried out in Stockholm using the same method, in which bicycle traffic is studied from a cyclist perspective with the help of GPS logging devices and video cameras.

Over the course of a week, two of the employees in the project cycled a distance of 500 kilometres during a period of three days in order to collect data. The information will provide a basis for decisions on how to improve the bicycle paths in the cities.