Hammarbyverket: Modernisation of heat plant to secure supply of district heating

Hammarbyverket, today the word’s largest heat pump facility that extracts district heating and cooling from treated wastewater, is being modernised through measures that include a new control system. Sweco has been awarded a total design and build contract.


Assignment: Modernisation of heat plant

Client: Fortum Värme

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Area of operation:


The goal of the modernisation is to secure future availability in the Hammarby plant, which is a central component of the district heating network in Stockholm. The facility provides the people of Stockholm, Fortum Värme’s customers, with energy-efficient and eco-friendly heat.

The project and Sweco’s delivery include installation of a new control system, placement of new wiring including safety systems, and replacement of sensors, transmitters, etc. Sweco’s assignment also includes project management, design of electrical systems and instrumentation, programming and commissioning.

The Hammarbyverket plant has a total installed capacity of 500 MW and heats the equivalent of around 25,000 single-family homes per year.

The assignment is expected to be completed and commissioned in February 2017.


"We are delighted that Fortum has entrusted us with total responsibility for modernisation of the heat plant. Sweco has extensive expertise in automation the result of the modernisation will be a more energy-efficient facility."
Thomas Fogelström, Managing director of Sweco Industry.