More, cleaner water in Stockholm. As Stockholm grows, there is increased stress on the city’s wastewater treatment plants. More water can be purified in a smaller area with the use of membrane technology. Sweco has been commissioned to design and plan the expansion of the Henriksdal treatment plant, where this new technology is used. The purified water is also particle-free, reducing environmental impact on water in Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea.


Assignment: Henriksdals treatment plant
Client: Stockholm Vatten

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Area of operation: Building construction, Geotechnical engineering, Plant design, Wastewater treatment


The introduction of membrane bioreactor technology for treatment of wastewater means that less land area is needed to treat larger volumes of water, a trend that is the future for wastewater treatment in the increasingly fast-growing metropolitan areas. With this technology the treated water from the Henriksdal plant will be free from suspended solids, leading to cleaner water in Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea.

Several of Sweco’s disciplines are taking part in the assignment. Among other things, our water and wastewater consultants will plan membrane bioreactor steps and sludge treatment and our rock and structural engineers will take on the complex challenge of planning the expansion of the Henriksdal plant, a large portion of which is currently built within a rock hillside.


"Sweco can deliver several of the planning and design services we need for the expansion, and has been awarded five of the ten procured technical areas. In earlier studies, Sweco was given the task of studying how to implement membrane treatment technology in the existing basins."
Rickard Andersson, Project Director at Stockholm Vatten


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