Hydrogen as fuel

Research indicates that hydrogen will play a key role in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Sweco's work in hydrogen for transport is comprehensive. We have been responsible for preparing proposals for implementation plans at both national and EU-level. Our role is both coordinating as well as analytical and we have a solid network in the industry. One of Sweco’s projects includes the installation of commercial hydrogen fuelling stations in Stockholm and Gothenburg. We have also coordinated the EU countries’ infrastructure planning for hydrogen, and assisted in building the charging infrastructure.


Assignment: Strategic innovation agenda for hydrogen vehicles
Client: Swedish Energy Agency
Location: Nationally
Area of operation: Fuel, process management, transportation- and energy systems analysis

Assignment: HIT-2-Corridors
Client: EU/TEN-T and partners
Location: Europe
Area of operation: Project applications, fuel, project management

Assignment: SIP – Hydrogen Infrastructure for Transport, Syncronised Implementation Plan for Europe
Client: Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (NL)
Location: Europe
Area of operation: Energy systems analysis, fuel, process management


Strategic innovation agenda for hydrogen vehicles

Sweco has been commissioned to develop a strategic innovation agenda for vehicles powered by hydrogen.

The project will strengthen the innovation area of hydrogen and fuel cells for vehicles. It will also provide the basis for new R&D projects and necessary activities to achieve; increased knowledge, enhanced business development, increase exports and deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles in Sweden.


HIT-2-Corridors: Three hydrogen refuelling stations and hydrogen implementation plans around the Baltic Sea.

Fuel cell electric vehicles powered by hydrogen are a good option for achieving zero emissions and the EU now wants to ensure the possibility of traveling with such vehicles in Europe. Sweco has been assigned to be in charge of the technical integration, communication and project management for the project HIT-2 corridors.

As part of the HIT-2-Corridors, three refuelling stations was built in 2015; one in Stockholm (Arlanda), one in Gothenburg (Lindholmen) and one in Voikoski in Finland. The refuelling stations are located along two strategically important transport corridors designated by the EU, to ensure the ability to travel within Europe with vehicles powered by hydrogen.

Finland, Belgium, Latvia and Poland are among the countries that will create their first implementation plans. Sweco is providing support and acting as coordinator of the plans.

Sweco is managing an EU project concerning hydrogen refuelling stations for fuel cell electric vehicles. More information is available at Hit-2-Corridors.eu.


SIP: Hydrogen Infrastructure

Sweco has been assigned to coordinate other EU countries' implementation plans for hydrogen infrastructure. Sweco was Project Coordinator in the work required to synchronise the EU countries' plans to compile the development of hydrogen infrastructure in Europe. The project resulted in a report that includes maps showing the estimated expansion of hydrogen infrastructure in Europe as well as two published articles.