The surgical building in Karlstad is unique in many ways. In the new building, everything is accommodated under the same roof so that health care is gathered around the patient, instead of the patient being passed between different departments and clinics. The purpose of this is to make health care as smooth and easy for the patient as possible. Additionally, modern and flexible operating theatres offer a whole new way of working for medical staff.


Assignment: A new surgical building.

Area: 34,000 square meters, of which 6,000 square meters are renovations.

Areas of competence: Architecture, installation, ventilation, electricity, telecommunications, energy and logistics.

Time plan: The building should be completed in 2016.


People come to the surgical building when they are at their most vulnerable, so it is important to provide a safe and beautiful environment. In order to let in more daylight,
we have opened up the corridors with facades and windows, built glass partitions between rooms and invested in several atriums. The new entrance hall also offers a lot
of light, as it reaches up two floors and creates an open space. We have also worked with artistic decorations, both to bring a touch of character to the building and to
make it easier for patients to orientate themselves.

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