Lund Cathedral: Sweco is building a digital copy in 3D

Sweco is conducting a project to survey the cathedral and its surroundings on behalf of Domkyrkorådet. The entire cathedral is being laser scanned and the results will be used to create a digital 3D copy that will form the basis for new CAD/BIM drawings of all spaces in the building.


Assignment: A digital copy in 3D

Assignment period: 2012 – ongoing

Client: Domkyrkorådet

Areas of operation: IT for urban development, measurement technology


In order to visualise all of the collected 3D data and drawings in the same system, Sweco is developing a 3D application with the help of HTML5 and WebGL technology. This will enable interaction with the building in the digital copy. In the application, users can comment and attach documents to geographical positions in the 3D building to facilitate preservation and maintenance work in the cathedral.  

In addition to laser scanned data, the building has also been photoscanned, partly with drones. The images are being used to colour in finished CAD/BIM models and photogrammetrically derived meshes and as 3D-positioned image references.

All graphical data in the application has geographical 3D coordinates, so that all new data that are imported to the application end up in the right place in relation to each other. 

The online platform makes it possible to use different devices such as computers, tablets and smart phones for greater accessibility. Dynamic links with digital views and layers can be easily shared via email.

Initially, the application is being used only as an internal resource and professional support tool. But in a longer perspective, researchers, archaeologists, students and architects, among others, will have access to this unique digital collection and there are also future plans to develop a version for the public.