Occupying 320,000 square meters, the hospital of New Karolinska in Solna is currently one of Europe’s largest buildings. The work has been ongoing since 2009, and Sweco has been involved in virtually all aspects of the design since the beginning.


Assignment: A new university hospital.

Area: 320,000 square meters, 8 000 rooms, 35 operating theatres

Areas of competence: Project management and industrial engineering, design of technical installations, logistics, environmental systems and infrastructure


Our assignment has included everything from constructing the frame and laying the underground foundation to installing pipes, electricity and a ventilation system. Ensuring that all systems for technology and logistics communicate with each other has also been a vital part of the project. Laundry and waste facilities, waste suction, automatic trucks, elevators and escalators – all of these must work together to ensure that the health care for patients is as satisfying and safe as possible.

The hospital is also equipped with a new pneumatic dispatch system. This mile-long tube is running throughout the hospital, delivering tests, blood and medicine to the correct locations. 

High energy objectives have permeated every aspect of the project. New Karolinska reaches the highest class as a Green Building and is also LEED Gold certified. The new hospital will be built to be energy effective and sustainable over a long term. The premises can also be adapted, in order to be able to evolve in line with new treatment methods and developments in technology.

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