Metro to Nacka and southern Stockholm

By 2025 Nacka and T-Centralen will be linked together with 11 kilometres of new metro line, the largest investment in Stockholm’s metro system since the 1970s. The new section will pass through the bedrock under Saltsjön Bay and one of the stations will lie as deep as 100 metres below ground.


Assignment: Metro to Nacka and southern Stockholm. 11 kilometer  new metroline and seven stations.

Client: SLL

Area of expertise: Rock, Plant design, Architecture, BEST, Environment.

When: 2014 - 2025

Project Manager: Johan Björkman


Sweco’s assignment is to study and plan the new metro connection, which will be 11 kilometres long and will pass through a rock tunnel under Saltsjön Bay from Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm to Nacka and to Sockenplan on the Hagsätra branch. Sweco’s services include preparation of system documents, railway plans, construction documents and environmental impact statements and designing six new stations and one new platform as well as several other changes at Gullmarsplan. In working on the stations, the goal is to create stations that are easily accessible to as many people as possible and are close to other public transport. The stations should feel safe and secure, with bright, welcoming entrances and the shortest possible walking distances underground. The key factors are safety and comfort, and that the stations make an architectural impression that is contemporary but will also also experienced as attractive 50 years from now.

The planned section is being built entirely underground and will connect to the Kungsträdgården station for onward transport through the city. Five new stations are being built toward Nacka: Sofia, Hammarby Kanal, Sickla, Järla and Nacka C. The new branch to southern Stockholm will also be entirely underground. The Globen and Enskede Gård stations will be replaced by a new station in the Slakthusområdet area. At Gullmarsplan, a new platform is being built beneath the existing one. When the Blue line is extended from Kungsträdgården to Gullmarsplan, it will be connected to the Green Hagsätra line branch.

The metro system expansion is an important part of the puzzle for the entire region’s development, and will lead to dramatically improved public transport.