Norra Tornen: Sweco designing Stockholm’s next landmark

Construction of the Norra Tornen twin towers is now underway. The two skyscrapers will form a new landmark that changes the Stockholm skyline. Sweco, on behalf of Oscar Properties, has been responsible for structural design of the towers, characterised by a unique, futuristic facade featuring a segmented pattern of glass and concrete boxes, one of several tasks that have been a difficult design challenge.


Assignment: Norra Tornen

Area of operation: Structural engineering

Client: Oscar Properties 

Location: Stockholm, Hagastaden

Our metropolitan areas are continuing to grow vertically and Stockholm’s new Hagastaden area is the planned site of the over 100-meter high towers (Helix and Innovation). The vision is to create two dynamic buildings that can serve as a hub in the new urban district.

The upper floors will contain spectacular residential units and the lower floors will accommodate public spaces that are open and accessible to the public, with a mix of shops, restaurants and other varied amenities that are open both in the evening and daytime. 

The exterior walls of the towers are being built in a complex process through assembly of prefabricated concrete elements. The material on the special facade consists of rough cast concrete that will resemble brick from a distance and harmonise with Stockholm’s classic inner-city colour palette in yellow, pink, red and brown. Occupancy is scheduled for 2018.

Sweco is lead designer for the first tower, Innovation, and has an option for the second tower, Helix. The assignment includes feasibility studies of the structural design consequences, preparation of system and construction documents including precast concrete and foundation design.

Architect: OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture)

Photo: Oscar Properties


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