Norrbyskär: Contaminated historical environment freed from toxins

In the early 1900s, the island of Norrbyskär in the Swedish municipality of Umeå was the site of a sawmill whose operations spread toxic compounds known as dioxins over large areas. The island, which is regarded as having important cultural-historical values, is now to be remediated. Sweco has been commissioned to examine the ground and propose remedial measures to clear it of toxins.


Assignment: Contaminated environment freed from toxins

Client: Umeå municipality

Location: Norrbyskär, Umeå, Sweden

Area of operation: Site Remediation


500 sample holes are being used to investigate the soil in the area where the sawmill was previously located. Use of the digital system ArcGIS Online for data collection in the field saves time both in the field and in the planning and design process. Furthermore, the quality of the collected data is be very high and provides a clear picture of the different soil layers.