Preem: Modernisation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Preem is focused on a transition to renewable products and energy savings in its facilities as a means to reduce fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions. For several years Sweco’s electricity and automation consultants have been involved in efforts to modernise the facilities and improve operating reliability at the depots.


Assignment: Replacement of control systems at Preem’s fuel depots

Location: Gothenburg (Skarvik), Helsingborg, Karlshamn, Norrköping, Gävle, Stockholm (Loudden) and Piteå in Sweden, and Sandefjord in Norway.

Disciplines: Project Management, Electricity and Automation, Electrical Systems.

Client: Preem

Size: 10 depots with a couple of switchgears and 10-15 control panels per depot, which includes around 20,000 I/O signals.


As Sweden’s largest fuel producer, Preem has far-reaching responsibility in efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and adapt its products and facilities for a more sustainable society. For example, today Preem offers its customers the world’s first diesel marked with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. In pace with new innovations, there are also plans for effective control systems that can handle changes in the facilities. Each new innovation requires a new pumping system with valves, which requires changes in the control panels and sometimes even new control panels. Sweco’s electricity and automation consultants will soon have replaced the control systems at all of Preem’s depots throughout Sweden.

The systems are fully automated and measure the flows when fuel is pumped from the cisterns to the tanker trucks. With frequency inverters for pump control and pressure regulation, Preem can save energy, ensure smoother filling of the tanks and achieve a more sustainable solution with less wear and tear on the pumps.

Sweco’s assignment includes energy savings, maintenance and safety projects to prevent emissions and personal injuries as well as projects for distribution of Preem’s new eco-friendly products. In short, this means; sub-project management for electricity and automation, electrical design engineering for automation, process engineering, electric power, ATEX (explosive atmosphere) and PLC programming. The control systems have been replaced during ongoing operation.



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