Stone pier in Gothenburg: A new meeting place and role model for urban sustainablity

The vision for Skeppsbron in Gothenburg, Sweden, is to create an exciting new meeting place for the city’s residents on the shore of the Göta river. The stone pier at Skeppsbron quay will serve as a public transport hub where ferries, buses and the new LRT line come together, and will unite the city with the water surrounding the area, with nearby quays and walking paths. The city of Gothenburg will be given an attractive new face towards the water with the new buildings and residential blocks at Skeppsbron. Sweco has several assignments in this emerging urban district.


Despite its relatively modest size, Skeppsbron has presented considerable technical challenges and wide-ranging technical expertise has been required in the assignment. The area covers a dense network of underground technical systems and lies close to the river and historical quay structures. The Gothenburg clay also made the work more complicated.

Everything from project managers and architects to environmental consultants and specialists in infrastructure and building service systems engineering are involved in the project.