Sweco designs laboratory for New Karolinska Solna

Sweco’s structural engineers were chosen to design the framework for a new laboratory that is part of the New Karolinska hospital in Solna. The result will be an 11-storey building with the best possible environmental performance.


Assignment: A new labratory building, a part of the New Karolinska hospital. 

Competence: Structural engineering, design of steel an prefabicated concrete structures

Area: circa 35 000 square meters

Floors: 11

Steel: circa 2200 tonnes

Client: Skanska Stomsystem (now known as Benders Byggsystem)

Location: Solna, Stockholm, Sweden


New Karolinska Solna is a state-of-the-art hospital being built in Solna. Occupying 320,000 square meters, it is currently one of Europe’s largest buildings. The work has been ongoing since 2009, and Sweco has been involved in virtually all aspects of the design since the beginning. Laboratory operations are a central and vital function for the hospital.

In the assignment, Sweco’s structural engineers were responsible for designing the labratory building’s framework structure. All planning and design was carried out in 3D. Framework assembly of the laboratory building commenced in August 2013 and the new facility is expected to open for use during 2017. This work is being performed on behalf of Skanska Stomsystem (now known as Benders Byggsystem).  

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