Thule Group: Sweco drives procurement of new warehouse solution for Western Europe

With the help of Sweco’s logistics consultants, Thule Group has optimised its supply chain with a new warehouse solution in the form of a distribution centre for Western Europe and exports outside the EU.


Assignment: Procurement of new lagerlösning

Location: Malmö

Client: Thule Group

Disciplines: Logistics, Project Management, Organasational- and Operational Views


In Sweden Thule Group is known among other things for its roof boxes and roof racks but is today an international sports and outdoor company with a wide portfolio of products and sales in 140 markets worldwide. With 2,000 employees at nine production facilities and more than 35 sales offices around the world, one of the company’s focus areas has been to change the logistics setup and warehouse structure.

When Sweco’s logistics consultants mapped Thule Group’s needs, the key aspects of the evaluation were quality, flexibility and the service level. The assignment resulted in the relocation of warehouse operations to a new distribution centre that was opened together with a new partner in the Dutch city of Venlo. After less than a year, Thule Group has realised the set savings targets and achieved higher delivery reliability.


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