Social analysis

By gathering and analysing relevant information, Sweco’s experts help clients make well-founded decisions. We always operate on the basis of each client’s specific needs and develop customised analytical models for each assignment. Using qualified studies, forecasts, strategies, and the end-users as our touchstones, we held develop a sustainable society that is ready to meet the possibilities and challenges of tomorrow.


  • Demographics population forecasts
  • Dialogue Processes
  • Evaluations and studies
  • Social analysis
  • Strategy and operational support
  • Statistics and other forecasts

Demographics population forecasts

Making the right decision requires the ability to describe reality using facts. Drawing on our knowledge of history, we help our clients look into the future and adapt their operations to a changing population.

Forecasts serve as a key foundation in the planning efforts of municipalities and regions. A population’s size and age influence such factors as development projects and what kind of need there will be for municipal care services. These forecasts can also serve as the basis for the allocation of the municipal budget among different city districts or areas of operation. 

Sweco’s experts possess years of experience of developing statistical databases and analysing extensive quantities of data that describe the population base and relocation patterns. Our services include population and refugee forecasts, as well as forecasts on migration, new developments, fertility and mortality.  



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