Social analysis

By gathering and analysing relevant information, Sweco’s experts help clients make well-founded decisions. We always operate on the basis of each client’s specific needs and develop customised analytical models for each assignment. Using qualified studies, forecasts, strategies, and the end-users as our touchstones, we held develop a sustainable society that is ready to meet the possibilities and challenges of tomorrow.


  • Demographics population forecasts
  • Dialogue Processes
  • Evaluations and studies
  • Social analysis
  • Strategy and operational support
  • Statistics and other forecasts

Evaluations and studies

All advancements are based on harnessing previous experiences and learning from the past. As competition grows more intense, it is becoming increasingly important to examine the experiences of users, clients and residents in order to continuously improve operations.  

Sweco’s experts hold extensive experience in designing studies that take the right measurements. We frequently conduct advanced outcome and impact analyses on an array of ventures, as well as focused initiatives in everyday lives of residents, in schoolyards, in the streets or at elderly care facilities. We can describe reality using facts and help our clients design even better future services and offerings.  

All of our assignments are unique and based on dependable methods that are tailored to the unique nature of the assignment and our clients’ needs. Sweco’s experts in such fields as sustainability, gender, environment, energy, infrastructure and urban planning can provide expertise in the areas being analysed. We also have an extensive network outside of the company whose services we enlist on a regular basis.

We conduct customer and employee surveys, travel-habit surveys and sense-of-safety polls. The formats vary from surveys and web polls, to focus groups, interviews, dialogues with residents and observational studies. 



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