Social analysis

By gathering and analysing relevant information, Sweco’s experts help clients make well-founded decisions. We always operate on the basis of each client’s specific needs and develop customised analytical models for each assignment. Using qualified studies, forecasts, strategies, and the end-users as our touchstones, we held develop a sustainable society that is ready to meet the possibilities and challenges of tomorrow.


  • Demographics population forecasts
  • Dialogue Processes
  • Evaluations and studies
  • Social analysis
  • Strategy and operational support
  • Statistics and other forecasts

Social analysis

Increased competition and a more complex society impose ever higher demands on the decisions made by corporate, governmental and municipal organisations. As the amount of information available increases, it also becomes harder to distinguish between information that is important and that which is superfluous. Our assignment is to help clients arrive at well-founded decisions by gathering and analysing relevant information. 

We work with both qualitative and quantitative methods and always operate on the basis of each clients specific needs, and offer customised analytical models. The aim is for the analyses to be designed to elicit concrete results and to facilitate improvement measures. Using business intelligence and scenario-based efforts, we can also help ensure that our clients are better equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Sweco holds expertise in growth analyses and welfare analyses. Our services are often enlisted by government agencies at the national level to examine problems in society and to analyse future needs for state initiatives. At the regional and municipal level, we are often involved to conduct analyses of systems that highlight the structures and means necessary for development to occur. We adopt a universal perspective in our analyses and consider all of the aspects that could have an impact, including the complex interactions that occur among localities, municipalities and regions.   

Sweco’s experts also help design strategies for local and regional development efforts. We possess extensive experience of early stage talks on future visions and objectives, and help clients organise a creative process with different stakeholders. 



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