Structural engineering

Structural engineering is largely a matter of security. Sweco’s structural engineers create buildings that are safe to live and work in and that stand the test of time. We take a holistic approach and ensure that load-bearing structures harmonise with the building’s design and intended indoor environment.


  • Advanced steel structures
  • BIM
  • Building construction design
  • Building engineering physics and energy
  • Construction administration
  • Industrial construction design
  • Pre fab structures
  • Physical protection

Industrial construction design

Industrial design often involves major, complex projects that require solid insight and understanding of specific industrial needs. With Sweco’s comprehensive yet specialised expertise, we are the leading building consultant for the industrial sector.

Our assignments are often total solutions covering the entire process. Sweco’s experts are also pleased to take care of construction administration, with financial control and construction planning for process engineering services as well as structural engineering.

All of the projects we work with involve challenges that call for leading-edge expertise. Specialists are always on hand at Sweco, for example, to resolve dynamic problems and complex foundation conditions – ensuring the highest quality in our end products.

Sweco has also developed effective processes for structural engineering co-ordination and visualisation. We work with digital 3D models and other tools that are interwoven in the project from an early stage. The final model is then used as production material in the construction phase.  


  • Richard
    Regional Manager, Structural Engineering, Industry
    +46 705948909
    Fraq rznvy


  • Sören
    Managin director, Structural engineering
    +46 734122038
    Fraq rznvy
  • Wille
    Regional Manager, Civil engineering, Stockholm
    +46 734122104
    Fraq rznvy
  • Richard
    Regional Manager, Structural Engineering, Industry
    +46 705948909
    Fraq rznvy
  • Magnus
    Regional Manager, Structural Engineering, North
    +46 703213611
    Fraq rznvy
  • Magnus
    Regional Manager, Structural Engineering, South
    +46 725270052
    Fraq rznvy
  • Peter
    Regional Manager, Structural Engineering, West
    +46 705947981
    Fraq rznvy
  • Thomas
    Business Manager Structural Engineering
    +46 734122007
    Fraq rznvy
  • Eric
    Manager Over seas opereration Structural engineering
    +46 734122034
    Fraq rznvy

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