Designing Satavuo School was a textbook example of our commitment to partnership. By working with Laukaa municipality, together we created a design to inspire tomorrow’s learners. By making each project exceptional, we make the day-to-day incredible.

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  • Together with our clients, we plan and design the sustainable communities and cities of the future

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  • The smart city is a city with an open mind.

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Planning for Climate Adaptation: Key actions for resilient and adaptive cities of the future

Only 26% of cities have an adaptation plan – none have managed full-scale adaptation. The costs of extreme events are damaging and significant, many of which can cause cascading impacts on the economy, natural ecosystems, infrastructure, and our most vulnerable communities.

This report combines our insights and expertise from multiple disciplines and explores the challenges facing climate adaptation. We provide cities, planners and citizens with 10 key opportunities for resilient and adaptive cities of the futur

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