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Sweco Sweden is simplifying its corporate structure

At year-end 2020, Sweco intends to simply its corporate structure in Sweden by merging all our main operating companies in Sweden into a single corporate entity. This means that eleven separate companies, will become divisions, in one Sweco Sverige.

The new, simpler corporate structure will mean that you will have a single contracting party rather than several, if you have previously had agreements with several Sweco companies in Sweden. Otherwise, nothing will change in your relationship with Sweco and ongoing contracts will not be affected by the planned change.

Through the merger, Sweco Sverige AB will assume all rights and obligations of the subsidiaries. This means that all contracts will automatically be transferred to Sweco Sverige AB. The merger is an administrative change in which the name and corporate ID number of your contracting party will change but in other respects there will be no change in respect of our contract with you. Nor will there be any changes in respect of personnel, contracts or deliveries.

If you have a classified contract with us you will be contacted by our classified information department for a review and update of your contract.

For further information, including the companies affected, see the Notice to Creditors, issued in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act. 

If you have any questions, please contact info@sweco.se



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